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Are you looking for IT solutions and innovations that will shift your business to a higher level? We will help.

Our Services


Our services

it solutions

IT solutions

A specific project requires a specific approach.


We do apps

Web, mobile, desktop.



Ideas that inspire you.



Better search engine results, higher performance, or more accessible web. We will perfect your contact with your scustomers.


Consultation Services

We will advise you on how to use information technology as efficiently as possible.

webove prezentacie

Web Presence

New tailored web site or customization of existing, according to your requirements.

Our clients

Startup and small businesses

We know growth is demanding. That's why we like to put a hand on the work to make your business progress.

Nonprofit Organizations

Helping others? We will be happy to help you.

“Pet” projects

We are happy to learn new technologies and change the knowledge gained on our pet projects.

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We are constantly working on something: For clients, for oneself or just for fun.

Stop loss bot

project ikon

Trading bot for placing advanced orders on Kraken exchange.

React StarterKit

project ikon

Our own starter kit for React apps.


project ikon

CSS library for building user interfaces.

Le-co Grid

project ikon

CSS library for native grids.


LabZone team

Martin Starosta

Matin Starosta

co-founder, developer

Vladislav Saling

Vladislav Šaling

co-founder, developer



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